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    Your so beautiful with an edge and charm
    And so careful when I'm in your arms.
    Cause your working building a mystery.

Author's Note: I am useing an idea I saw on another web Page since everyone has the basic profile so I did something a little diffrent just for the fun of it and I hope you like it.Please be warned there are spoilers here.

    The Look: Elegant is a word that would describe Tooya's beauty as there is an air of elegance about him even when he is dressed as a punk rocker.

    His hair is a russet red and a very deep tone that shimmers with the highlight of fire reflected in the light.

    His eyes are also a deep gold (if I am wrong please let me know)and glitter with a hidden knowledge.

    No matter what he wear , he looks good I guess a paper bag would even look nice on him, and his strech of clothing is amazeing as he can go for leather pants one moment to a suit to a kimono in no time flat.

    Intelligence: While not much is known of his intelligence he is very bright and very skilled as he was a subsitute doctor at Aya's high school .

    Character: Okay his character mysterious is just the begining of explaining him.He is very quiet he rarely has much to say but when he does talk its usually for a reason.He love Aya and tends to be very protective of her and loving a side few ever see.

    Martial Ability: He was once asked if he was human as Tooya can counter Ceres powers he is super fast and a very good fighter as he can handle a fight with great ease and is also extremely good at saveing others. Culinary Ability: Unknown ..he might be a good cook...

    Disadvantages:Okay he is too quiet and he has no memorys of his past he can be kind and he can be gentle but there is always that nagging about who and what he is .Though he does give this up for Aya as he love's her.

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