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    Aya Mikage

    Just like the white winged dove
    Sings a song sound like she's singing

Author's Note: I am useing an idea I saw on another web Page since everyone has the basic profile so I did something a little diffrent just for the fun of it and I hope you like it.Please be warned there are spoilers here.

    The Look: Slender and graceful with long leg,a nice figure and flowing gold hair that is some times white or black depending upon weither Ceres is in control.

    Aya has the beauty of a crystal, clear bright shining and reflecting the beauty that exsists around her.

    Her eyes can be either silver or gold but no matter the color they reflect her deepest felt emotion and glow with the inner warmth of a woman in love or burn with a dark fire when she feels she needs to defend or is offended by something or someone.

    Her clothes are always nicely picked out and fit her perfectly reguardless of what she wears.

    Intelligence: While she may not be a guinus she is extremely bright and tends to think things through as to how they will effect her and others around her.

    Character: Aya is a warm and careing person who's heart easily goes out to others and when she has to kill it put a darkness on her otherwise un dominable spirit. It hurts her deeply to see others in pain and when she loves she loves deeply and completely only wanting for her beloved to be happy.

    Martial Ability:Okay so she isn't the best fighter in the world , This does not mean however she won't put up a fight and proves this right after she gets her reading about death and destruction and still attacks a man stealing some ladies purse.

    Culinary Ability: Okay so she settles a little roughly into being a houe wife and has a temper when it comes to cooking,If she calms down and takes her time she cooks very well .

    Disadvantages:Well there Ceres who like to come out and wreak havoc on the Mikage and then there's the fact that Aya is always getting Kidnapped and needs saveing,Not that she sits idlely by and allows it to happen she'll fight but sometime the odds are too great even for her.

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