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Forever Love

    Tooya & Aya

    When first I saw you
    I saw love
    And the first time you touched me
    I felt love
    And after all this time
    Your still the one I love.

Author's Note: I am useing an idea I saw on another web Page since everyone has the basic profile so I did something a little diffrent just for the fun of it and I hope you like it.Please be warned there are spoilers here.

There love isn't excactly a fairy tale yet it is very beautiful to them,

Aya and Tooya first meet one the fated day of her fortune and Tooya saves her from being hit by a car when she falls over the overpass beating up a would-be mugger to get a lady's purse back.

Thing was Aya floated there which is what stunned her so badly

The next day was her and her twin brother Ayi's birthday and they were going to have a party at the party Aya's grandfather gives the twin a box and tells them to open it.

Aya does and sets into motion the spinning wheel that will be there fate.

Yui gets dozens of wounds all over his body suddenly, then Aya's whole family chases after her wanting to kill her.

She is saved by Yuuhi and Yuuhi is told to protect Aya by his sister in law Suzumi Aogiri who also has blood of Tenniyo.

Unfortunately Tooya has been hired to hunt down those of Tenniyo blood for The C-Project and he has on many times shown he can't hurt Aya.

Much happens to the two lovers, Tooya looses his memorys again about Aya and the both find out that Miori was just memorys planted in Tooya's mid that they never had a realationship before.

Time passes and the two live together and Q-chan tells Aya some very surpriseing news..She's pregnant.