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The Aya Shrine


    Mikage Aya

    Birthday: September 24th
    Age: 16
    Zodiac: Libra
    Bloodtype: O
    Height: 166 cm
    Hobbies: Karaoke, long distance phone calls, collecting accessories
    Specialty: Quick recovery, mimics idol singers

this begins as a summary of the beginning of volume one, the first section at least; the last paragraph includes quite blunt spoilers for volumes 3, and volumes 8/9...

    Aya is first seen in volumn one of Ayashi no Ceres (Of course we all knew that, now didn't we? ^_^;;) She's the first image seen, actually... It fits her role as heroine in this work, doesn't it? x.x;; (Know's she's babbling) ^_^;; She's with her twin brother Aki and friends, having her fortune read. However, her fortune isn't too pleasant...

    That never stops Aya, though. After her reading, she attacks a man who's attempting to steal a womans purse. However, though she does free the purse from the man, she happens to fall over the side of the overpass as she does. But before she hits the ground, she finds herself righted... And is not injured. But that is not the end...

    She's nearly hit by an oncoming car. However, she's saved by a handsome man... (Even though I don't like his shirt much. Aheh... ^_^;;) And, to put it nicely, her brother is not happy with what she's done, since she was nearly killed...

    The life of the twins changes upon the next day, their 16th birthday. Their entire family has gathered, and the two are presented with a wrapped box... (Brought in by the same man who saved Aya the day before...) When the item within is revealed, the destiny of the two is 'sealed'...

    Aya is the one who shall destroy the Mikage family, the tennyo Ceres reborn. Her hagoromo (gossamer robe) was stolen by an ancestor of the Mikage... And she has returned for her revenge.

    Aya knows what she wants, and even though she is in love, she doesn't forget her friends... But tramatic things keep happening to the poor girl.

    From her showdown (As Ceres) in volume 3, with Urakawa Yuki, which ends in Urakawa, and the man she loves, death, to later in volume 9, which ends with Sahara Miori's suicide, in front of Ayas eyes... She keeps getting hit with harder and harder things.

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