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The Aya Shrine


Now why do I like Aya? I suppose I'll try and explain that here. ^_^;; Ooh.. Time for more babbling. x.x;;

  • She's pretty. Gotta love that, ne? ^_^;;
  • She's got a cute brother.
  • She has good intentions even if she's not sure about what she truly wants.
  • She may need to be saved once in a while, but she can take care of herself too. (Well, Ceres can take care of Ceres... You know what I mean. ^_^;;)
  • She tries to be strong. Even with all the tramatizing things that happens to her.
  • She stays true to her feelings.
  • She's a heroine of Watase-sama's. ^_^;;
  • I'm her miko, I have to like her. ^_^;;
See see I babbled. x.x;;

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